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The First Session 

The first session focuses on getting to know each other. We will review paperwork and I will help get you comfortable with me and the space. I will get an understanding of what has brought you to therapy and how we might approach our work together. We will collaboratively form goals for treatment and use them to guide our work.


Topics we may Discuss

We will discuss your history often including early childhood, developmental milestones, any trauma history and current and past relationships. I know that it can be difficult to openly share with someone new, so I encourage you to move at a pace that feels comfortable to you. The first few sessions will focus on building a therapeutic relationship.

What to Expect in Sessions to Come

We will continue to discuss past and present experiences as well as how you are feeling in the moment, taking care to explore this with curiosity and compassion. It is important to make sense of our past experiences so that we are not acting out old patterns in our present lives. Because the brain is lazy it is continually drawing on old learning to predict the present and future. With mindful, attuned awareness we can make sense of old problematic learning and create new ways of being and relating. I aim to be authentic and attuned to you. I believe that through our collaboration growth, healing and change occurs.






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